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Appropriate information technologies (AIT) such as videos on mobile phones can increase access to information in challenging social contexts where illiteracy, gender imbalances, poor infrastructure and poor agricultural extension services pose great obstacles to innovation adoption. However, the real life impact of those strategies for sustainable food systems has been poorly addressed. While farmers easily understand videos on agricultural innovations, much is to be learned about how to optimize them. For example, should films be participatory or should they be presented as a lecture by a scientist? AITAS intends to address this question using a transdisciplinary approach in Ghana. The project unites expertise of agronomists, communications scientists, sociologists and film-makers for the creation of videos on the prevention of cocoa swollen shoot virus disease (CSSVD) that will be shared with farmers in Ghana. The areas where the videos are shared will be revisited to evaluate both their spread and the adoption of portrayed innovations, as well as their real life impact. Implicitly, the project explores the potential of videos to overcome existing gender gaps in terms of access to agricultural information, and it may be a stepping stone towards contributing to other projects’ dissemination through AIT.

Christian Andres

A: Studierendenprojekte

01.01.2018 - 01.01.2019

Involvierte Hochschule:
ETH Zürich

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