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The Jinx! project seeks to create an enabling environment in which students with an active interest in sustainable development (SD) have access to information and support they need to make an impact through SD projects. The project‘s main motivation is to address key shortcomings of past SD commitments at the University of Geneva (UniGE), namely the lack of visibility, coordination, and targeted support instruments.
The Jinx! project has the following five objectives:
  1. An online information and exchange platform is operated, up-to-date and used
  2. Funding opportunities for student projects are enhanced
  3. Flexible, demand-oriented training and coaching at each step of the project cycle is available
  4. Students have access to spaces for experimentation and learning
  5. Active bridges to wider communities of practice are created and maintained
With a team consisting of a Postdoctoral Researcher, a Research and Teaching Assistant and a
Student Assistant, the project will gradually build up a relational infrastructure in support of student SD activities; the UniGE counterpart “cash” contribution will be used to finance technical assistance for revising the current IS@DD website, student SD projects, and the salary of the Research and Teaching Assistant. The main activities of the project will evolve around the creation and maintenance of the online platform; the design, implementation, evaluation, and iterative adjustment of skills workshops; the provision of tailored support to student and student teams; the organization (and support to the organization) of periodic events (accelerator labs, living labs, practitioner meet & greets, sustainable development week); and networking and coordination with partners inside and outside UniGE.

Jörg Balsiger

B: Unterstützungsplattformen für Studierendenprojekte

01.06.2018 - 31.06.2020

Involvierte Hochschule:
Universität Genf

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